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Gmail vs Hotmail: The Ultimate Comparison

It’s time to find out which email provider is the best. Gmail or Hotmail? Gmail and Hotmail are two of the most popular providers in existence, but which one should you be using for your business needs? Gmail has some great features that make it stand out from the crowd; while Hotmail has some unique features that no other service can offer. Which is better for you- Gmail or Hotmail? Read on to find out!

Comparison Hotmail vs Gmail

Gmail vs Hotmail: The Ultimate Comparison

Gmail Features

Gmail has a better spam filter. Gmail does an excellent job of fighting off spam emails, whereas Hotmail cannot always distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent messages. Gmail also lets you unsubscribe from mailing lists with just one click, providing relief for your inbox!

Gmail is more secure than Hotmail. Gmail provides end-to-end encryption through TLS connections that are built into the browser; which means no third party can decrypt any sensitive data going across it. On top of this Google encrypts all attachments sent or received in Gmail as well on both ends of the connection – making them absolutely safe and protected at all times.

These measures make Gmail safer by default than Hotmails traditional POP access methods which leave the user’s vulnerable to potential breaches when accessed on public Wi-Fi. Gmail also has a two-step authentication process that Hotmail does not offer, making Gmail the more secure option of the two email providers.

Gmail is better for business use. Whether you’re sending newsletters to your team or need some help with setting up automatic replies in Gmail, it’s easy to do! You can even create canned responses so associates are able to speed through tedious tasks and get back on track quickly when they have time without needing assistance from other departments. In addition, Gmail lets you add reminders directly into any email – which is great for keeping your inbox tidy while reminding yourself about important deadlines! Lastly, all emails sent within Gmail end up as part of an individual conversation thread; meaning everything stays organized and nothing gets lost in the mix.

Gmail is great for collaboration with colleagues and clients alike. Gmail provides a chat feature to let you collaborate more easily around projects, as well as make planning easier without having to schedule back-to-back meetings or worry about losing a word of what needs to be said. With Gmail there’s also no need for phone calls; all you have to do is email! You can even send notes within Gmail itself – making it easy to get your thoughts out on paper while staying focused on other tasks at hand (even if they’re not related).

Hotmail has some unique features that are worth mentioning too:

  1. Hotmail offers unlimited storage space for free when Gmail does not offer this perk. This makes Hotmail the better option for individuals who need a lot of space to work with. Gmail, on the other hand, will charge you an extra fee based on your usage – which can be pricey if you don’t delete any emails often enough!
  2. Hotmail is more affordable than Gmail. Gmail charges business users $360 per year in order to keep their account active, but Hot mail only requires about half that amount at $204 annually. While Gmail offers some great features that are hard to find elsewhere and may make it worth paying out those added costs, Hotmail has its own perks too: such as free web hosting through Microsoft’s Office 365 service (with no ads or pop-ups!), spam protection measures like Outlook does offer, plus one gigabyte of space for every Gmail account you refer. Gmail also charges $25 per month to send emails over the 25,000 limits; Hotmail is free!

Gmail vs Hotmail Summary: Why Hotmail is Best?

If you’re looking for Gmail, start with Gmail. If you’re searching Hotmail then Hotmail is the best option. There are a few differences between these email providers that make one better than the other: Gmail offers more security measures and has an edge over Hot mail in terms of storage space availability and price; whereas hotmail maybe.